Financial forecasting software

EZQ is the easiest and most comprehensive piece of financial forecasting software available on the market. And EZQ is one of the very few pieces of software that let you compare forecasts and actual results

  • Reassure your banker
  • Secure your business decisions
  • Mobilize your board of directors
  • Convince project financiers
  • Control your company’s finances

To whom is our software for?

  • Small & medium size businesses
  • Accounting cabinets
  • Management consultants
  • Development organizations

Why should you choose our financial forecasting software?

  • Gain in efficiency
  • Be more proactive while making important decisions
  • Standardize your financial data
  • Quickly assess the impact of your projects
  • Generate the data that you need for your requests for financing

EZQ Pamphlet

Accounting software, business plans, budget software

The EZQ software package basically allows you to make financial forecasts, set a cashflow budget, assess the impact of new projects in various businesses, put together business plans, prepare requests for financing for financial institutions, and evaluate return on investments.

Maximize your return on investment! (ROI)

EZQ is also designed to compare actual financial statements with forecasts. This management tool is greatly appreciated by development organizations, small-to-medium-size businesses (commercial/manufacturing/services), accounting cabinets, and management consultants.

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