Advantages – EZQ financial software

EZQ gives you many benefits in terms of financial management and ease of use. It has been developped to be effective and easy to use. Several features have been integrated to allow you to share your data with others.

  • Opportunity to share your financial projections with people who have not acquired EZQ. (Visual only).
  • Opportunity to share your forecasts with all holders of EZQ.
  • Comparative figures (results & balance sheets) over four years.
  • Import your financial data straight from your accounting system.
  • Monthly or annual forecasted financial statements based on project commencement date or fiscal year-end date.
  • Designed for all Canadian startups or existing businesses, in all industries and of any legal form.
  • Customizable solution, based on your needs and corporate reality.
  • Range of ratios commonly used to analyze a business’ performance.
  • Sales taxes applicable in each Canadian province to sales, purchasing, acquisition of goods and real property, and operational costs.