EZQ Functionalities

Financial Statements & Project

  • Financial forecasts over four years.
  • Automatic data entry for sales, purchases, and cash funds, according to ratios from your opening cumulated results.
  • Enter up to 10 long-term loans for your opening balance sheet, and up to 10 more for project cost & financing.
  • Detailed ventilation of expenditures (purchases, cost of goods sold, direct labour, general manufacturing costs, sales costs, administrative costs, financial costs, amortization, other revenues, etc.).
  • Payment schedules, with possibility to include moratoriums on principal, full moratoriums or final payment for each loan.
  • The software is bilingual (French/English) and can be translated into a third language.

Sales, Purchases, Inventories

  • Enter up to 10 products/groups of products with different payment terms.
  • Increase product quantities or sale prices annually and separately.
  • Include monthly variations to your inventory throughout the forecasting period.

Impressive List of Ratios

  • Previous (2 years), current and forecasted financial statements on a single page that also includes the ratios most commonly used by businesses and financiers.

Other functionalities

  • Instant imbalance warning.
  • Analysis of marginable credit margin.
  • Specify a different inflation rate for each forecast year.
  • Straight-line and accelerated amortization tables with half-rate rule applied on project assets.